Friday, February 3, 2012

What a Wonderful Week :)

So this week turned out to be absolutely wonderful because....

1. I went from this....
Please don't be jealous of my sweet Barbie phone ;)  
     To this.....
A brand new iPhone4 
I even splurged and got a LIFEPROOF case 

   This is a huge deal because I have never had a smart phone before until now! About time, I know I know but it's a really long story why I haven't had one until now and I don't want to bore everyone with that but needless to say I am one happy girl now that I upgraded!! 

2. I got to sub all 5 days this week!! Teaching wonderful children and making money.... What more could I ask own classroom-well, yes but time will provide that I hope!

3. I finished the third book in the Hunger Games Series on Tuesday! I read the 3 books in a week and a half! They are amazing and I cannot wait until the movie comes out! 
However, one way this week could have been better was if I would have ran more than I did :( I feel like I was super busy this week but I definitely had time to run so that is no excuse and next week I WILL run more than I did this week!  I did run 4 miles today on the treadmill because it's raining outside, yuck! 

(Thought I would dazzle this post up with lots of pics)

The "lovely" treadmill at my house
Kinda funny how before I began training for the half marathon, I only ran on the treadmill and now I would prefer running outside any day!

Ran 4 miles while catching up on last night's episode of Private Practice
Love my Asics and Puma socks!

And I especially love my BIC Band!!!   
 Well Saturday's are usually my long run day of the week and this week it is 11 miles...however the weather forecast is not looking too good :( 80-90% chance of rain all day long...blah! Looks like me and Emily will have to either run in the rain or run on Sunday! Guess we will decide that in the morning.  

I wanted to leave you with this gorgeous awkward picture of me before my run today trying to use the timer on my camera hahahahah not that great at the whole taking pictures of myself thing


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