Monday, February 27, 2012


Well this weekend was absolutely wonderful! We had amazing weather in Memphis so I spent the majority of the weekend outside.


Friday I celebrated my best friend Emily's birthday with some amazing carrot cake!  I had only tried carrot cake one time previously and did not remember liking it very much.  I decided to try it again and it was super delicious! 
 Her birthday wasn't actually until Saturday but she already had plans that night so I helped celebrate with her family the night before
Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to get ready for the Heart & Sole 5k.  It was a race we found on Groupon for only $10.00 and it was held at the Hickory Ridge Mall.  To say the least, I'm not even sure if it was worth $10.00 haha I guess I got a free t shirt out of it but overall I was really disappointed. 
 Emily snapped this crazy picture of me....I was kinda excited that morning

 We registered inside the mall and hung out inside until the race began
 After the race

  The t shirt we received
Well there are many reasons why I was disappointed with this race but I kind of new going into it that it was going to be pretty lame but just couldn't resist signing up when it was only $10.00.  There were hardly any people in it (maybe 20 I feel like) and all we did was run around the outside of the mall 3 times to make a total of 3.6 miles.  No start/finish line, no medals, not one person cheering... the environment of the whole race was awful but at least I got a few miles in haha my final time was 3.6 miles in 31.21 which averaged to be an 8:55 minute mile which isn't awful and I got a "free" t shirt so I guess I shouldn't complain! 
 Around and around we went outside the mall....super weird and super lame
Sunday I woke up to absolutely GORGEOUS weather and knew I could not and would not sit inside all day! I texted Emily of course and we decided to go for a nice long Sunday bike ride!  We ended up riding 22 miles!! We stopped at a cute little cafe and split a sandwich and got to visit with Jackie and Michael! Jackie ran my first half marathon with me and I am super excited for her to start running with us again! :)

 Emily recently bought a road bike and was zooming ahead of me like a brat for most of the ride :)

 Loved being able to sit out on the patio on such a gorgeous day!!

 One of the best sandwiches I have had in a long time! Emily and I split this and took a break from the bike ride to enjoy the wonderful weather, good food, a few adult beverages, and great friends!

My thighs were pretty sore by the time we finished but they feel great today!  I really hope this weather stays around for a while because I don't think I could ever get tired of it! I also found out yesterday that I will be running the Little Rock Half Marathon this Sunday, March 4th!! Emily's little sister had planned on doing it but changed her mind so I am going to use her bib! I am super excited and a little nervous because according to the elevation chart it seems pretty hilly but I can't wait to run my second half marathon with Emily!!

 i got this book from the library today and am super excited to start it! I just finished the Hunger Games series and loved it and I have heard this series is similar! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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