Wednesday, February 22, 2012

74 degrees in February...

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside!! It made me so excited for the warmer weather even though we really haven't had much cold weather so far at all this winter.  After subbing yesterday, I went went on a 5 mile run.  I only planned to run 4 but it was just too pretty outside so I went for one more!  I am doing a 5k on Saturday and wanted to push myself on the run yesterday!  I ran every mile under 9:00 minutes which was great! 

I ran around the two lakes behind my neighborhood.  It is not very far around...a little under a mile around both but it's close and pretty with no red lights ha

Around and around I go :)

The path around the lakes (I decided to pause my runs for a second and attempt to be a blogger by taking pictures ha)

Pretty sure I will not be running around the lakes again anytime soon though at least not in the late afternoon. I have no idea what it is and you would think I would have learned my lesson but sadly I still hadn't.  Every time I run around the lakes in the late afternoon, once I get home I sneeze probably over 50 times and no I am not exaggerating and then my nose gets extremely stopped up and my eyes are red and I am absolutely miserable.  I have pretty bad allergies anyways and I have got to be allergic to something around that lake because it is like a bomb went off and I go from feeling great to absolutely miserable which SUCKS! So no more pretty lake runs for a while.

I mean come on...look how awful I look? :( Great run but miserable afterwards! It is so crazy I have no idea what could cause it but even my mom told me not to run there anymore.  Oh ya and that is not how I really smile I am not sure what kind of face that is....freak.

Are you surprised I blogged again so soon? I am but really I only wanted to blog because I actually took pictures ha 

I'm excited for the weekend!  Subbing 3rd grade tomorrow and 1st grade Friday then staying at Emily's for our 5k on Saturday morning....which is also EMILY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :) 
I got her a matching 13.1 bic band because we already do everything together, blog about each other constantly, and have matching camel backs so figured she needed the exact same BIC Band as me too! ;) (Really though they don't slip, they have a ton of different sizes/designs, they are inexpensive, and they donate part of every purchase to a different charity each month....awesome if I do say so myself)... Sad it probably won't be in until after her birthday...oops 

Oh ya another random piece of information since I seem to be rambling on this post is that, Emily, we must take a million pictures before/after the 5k so I can change my main picture at the top because I am not a fan of that hideous thing.

Hope you are all having a good week 
(Does anyone even read this thing? Probably not....I often feel like I'm talking to myself which is just lovely disturbing)


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