Monday, February 20, 2012


I am really not very good at this whole blog thing...I feel like I never have much to talk about.  But anyways, I had a wonderful 3 day weekend (the joys of being a teacher) that consisted of running and hanging out with Emily of course! We ran in Bartlett on Saturday morning and I had a great 10.5 mile run! I ran under 10 minute miles for the entire run so I'm really hoping I can get under 2 hours 10 minutes in the Germantown Half Marathon which is a little less than a month away! 

I know I said I ran 10.5 miles but I stopped the workout before
 heading back through the neighborhood to my house! I am not a liar ;)

I also got a camel back this weekend!!! I absolutely love it! I have to have water during long runs and have tried a couple different things. I have a handheld water bottle and a belt but this is definitely my favorite so far! 
Twins! I also bought my sister one for her birthday since she is running her first half marathon on April 1st! :) I really want to do this race with her but it is $70.00! I wish my mom would pay for it (I know you're reading this mom since you are probably one of the only people that reads this boring blog of mine ;)

I am doing a 5k this Saturday!! Emily found it on Groupon and since we obviously have to do everything together I had to spend the $10.00! I'm excited to run a race even if it is short!  The race is also the day of Emily's birthday so hopefully she will be super speedy and win something cool ;)

So other than hanging out with Emily and running, I didn't do much this weekend! I am so glad I had a wonderful run this week and am getting super excited for my next half marathon! 
For Valentine's day my mom got me some goodies....A lovely owl nightgown (yes I like and wear nightgowns do not judge me) and I am freakishly obsessed with is kind of obnoxious. Maybe one day I will post about everything I own that has owls on it and you will understand...
Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! I also got lots of earrings! No boy Valentine this year for the first time in 5 years...but I was okay with that! :) 

For dinner tonight, my mom made Lasagna and it was DELICIOUS!!! YUM!

Have a good week (Because I'm pretty sure you know I'm not going to post again until next weekend because I'm a slacker)



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  2. i really should invest in that camelback!

  3. You should! They are great! We got them at Bikes Plus and they were only $29.99 which is a great deal because most places I have seen them they were around $50!